Design & Engineering

Subspec supports its clients towards the system’s specific on-board stability (for example diving air/saturation systems; ROV equipment; underwater equipment) with reference to any applicable standard. These may be related to specific class requirements and involve provision of stability modelling, analysis, calculation and optimised on-board layouts.

Stability design services involves:

  • Stability standards implementation
  • Stability design support
  • Stability validation support
  • Stability analysis
  • Operational stability support
  • Stability information booklets and layouts

System Structural Engineering services:
Subspec supports and assists its Clients with the set-up of the system’s structural engineering for use during the early design phases, and is adaptable to design changes based on class requirements. Subspec can assist clients in a range of structural strength design scenarios/system configurations (for example on-board vessels) including the creation of ultimate strength reports and assessments with calculation of worst pressure head under design requirements.

Structural Engineering services involves:

  • Structural definition support
  • Structural weight calculation
  • Structural strength design support
  • Structural damage assessment and operator services

Specialist Design & Engineering (D&E) support every step of the way. Design & Engineering services, both system and detailed, from the initial study to the construction of the underwater system or equipment.
You are in safe hands with our fully qualified team of engineers, coordinated by experienced project managers and supported, where needed, by underwater experts who have many years of experience in the field supporting a wide range of subsea projects. This combined expertise enables Subspec to bring a unique perspective to your engineering and design requirements.
Subspec can offer a broad range of onshore and offshore D&E support services as well as customer-related underwater products, tools and equipment applied specifically to diving and ROV systems and to the subsea sector at large.

Solutions include:

  • Feasibility Studies and Early-Stage Design & Engineering:
  • Subspec provides qualified engineers and personnel to supplement/assist an in-house design team (onsite) in the development of underwater system/equipment feasibility studies and early-stage design projects.

Subspec can also perform all of the above mentioned activities offsite delivering the final project directly to the client. Specific activities involve:

  • Onsite/offsite D&E support
  • D&E review and assessment
  • D&E analysis support
  • D&E option studies