Helmet Gas Reclaim Valve

Helmet Gas Reclaim Valve
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The Gas Reclaim Back Pressure Regulator (GRV-01) is a valve used for the recovery of Helium/Oxygen mixture exhaled by a diver during the dive in deep water using saturation. The valve is developed using the most modern manufacturing techniques and materials. The GRV-01 valve is fitted on commercial Diving Helmet/Diving Mask – on the exhaust port – in order to recover the exhaled gas through a dedicated umbilical(s) to the surface reclaim unit.

The main features of the valve can be summarized as follows:

  • Lightness. The proper engineering and machinery of the SS body reduces the weight of ½ Kg in comparison with other commercial valves.
  • A common Commercial Diving Helmet/Diving Mask could be rapidly transformed by a ordinary Dive Technician in a perfect Gas Reclaim Hat/System by simply installing the GRV-01 valve.
  • No special tools are required for the GRV-01 installation. GRV-01 supplied parts could be easily installed using ordinary maintenance tools.
  • No structural modifications to the Diving Helmet Shell/ Diving Mask Structure are necessary: no holes to be drilled onto the Diving Helmet fibreglass or stainless steel body, avoiding any Diving Helmet EC certification invalidation.
  • In case of need, the GRV-01 can be easily removed and the Diving Helmet/ Diving Mask returns to its original breathing functions.
  • The GRV-01 can be easily opened and the inner section of the valve can be reached to carry out the required maintenance: dirty or obstructions can be easily removed. This is impossible with other valves available on the market.
  • The GRV-01 is built to make life easier. The inner shape of the valve is perfectly machined in order for the valve to be easily replicated. The volume has been perfectly calculated to match the new developed Flow-Disc.
  • The perfect synergy of the two critical elements (the volume of the valve and the shape of the Flow-Disc), accurately engineered and machined, reduce considerably the Breathing Effort and allow a maximized reclaim of the exhausted gas at all depths.
  • The Flow-disc is made of Titanium, it’s very light and can be unscrewed to reach the inner part of the valve. The sleets for the gas-flow have been perfectly engineered to grant the maximum efficiency of the system. Different Flow-Discs are available on request to match the working depth for maximum recovery of gas.
  • No more than 15 minutes are sufficient to open and close the valve for maintenance, cleaning or Flow-Disc replacement.
  • Simple and comfortable ball-valve installation position. The reclaim isolation ball-valve is located to mirror the Diving Helmet Emergency valve, at the same height, very convenient and easy to reach in case of need.
  • Accurate and extensive computer aided design has been implemented to achieve the best results in terms of minimum breathe effort and ergonomics. 3D modelling during the whole project development has led to perfect matching design, placing the GRV-01 at the highest levels in terms of performance, safety and design.

Compatible with the major diving helmet on the market.

Body Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Silicon
Orifice plate Titanium
Seals Viton®
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