Diver Monitoring System

Posted by Subspec 09/12/2015 0 Comment(s) Subsea Products,

After an intense design and prototype phase – the new generation Diver Monitoring System (DMS) developed in synergy between Subspec and Drass Galeazzi has been successfully installed and positively tested.

This new DMS has been developed to increase the possibility of a real-time monitoring of Diver Core Parameters during Diving Operations (Diving Companies).

In its first realization the DMS measures the following parameters:

  • Diver 1, 2 and Bell Diver’s Depth;
  • Bell Onboard Gas (OBG);
  • Oxygen Cylinder Pressure.

The new DMS System has been developed to include the monitoring of additional diver core parameters which are already under development and are going to be integrated in the incoming period.