NEW Subspec HVQD Connector

Posted by Subspec 04/03/2016 0 Comment(s) Product Development,

NEW Subspec HVQD Connector dedicated to Work Class ROV. Subspec has been involved in that process and oversaw the design and development of the new quick connector dedicated to Work Class ROV to reduce cost of mob/demob, reducing the risk of mistake on the wire installation and avoid the necessity to discharge all the oil from the compensated electrical power pod.

Main features:

  • 3 Contacts for 3PH motor 6600Vac …7100Vac 26A 50/60Hz – 10AWG
  • 3 Contacts for 3PH electronic power supply 3000Vac  2A 50/60Hz  – 20AWG
  • 1 Contacts for earth connection
  • 5 Contacts for a screened quad (4 wires + 1 screen) signals <50V, <0,5A – 22AWG
  • 3 Fiber optics single mode 9/125um