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Potting and Encapsulation services
Potting and Encapsulation services
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NEW Subspec HVQD Connector
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Potting and Encapsulation services

Posted by Subspec 08/03/2016 0 Comment(s) Product Development,

Subspec are a service oriented Company that provides potting and encapsulation services for Underwater equipment. 


Potting Services provided

  •  Potting material selection & testing
  •  Prototype design & fabrication
  •  Production potting
  • Vacuum potting


Potting is the process of sealing or embedding electronic components & assemblies in a liquid resin ( potting compounds ) surrounded by a plastic, alluminium and/or stainless steel  shell.  Performing the potting process on electronics will stop corrosion of electrical material, shortages, and reduce damage caused by vibration and mechanical stress.   Polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, silicone and UV cure are the materials we use with the potting process.  These materials vary in hardness from soft gels to hard plastics and are designed to withstand many specific types of environments. Some have excellent thermal conductivity while others have outstanding chemical or moisture resistance and all these materials provide good dielectric properties and have a wide range of additional properties to select from.


Encapsulation is very similar to potting although instead of having a shell injection molded we can replace the shell with a reusable mold.   The encapsulation process works well with low to medium volumes because a meter mix dispense machine can be used for filling the molds but is not necessary.   The materials that we use with the encapsulation process are polyurethane, epoxy  and silicones which are processed at room temperature or slightly elevated.  We will be glad to work with you from the initial stages of the product design.   


Encapsulation Services provided

  • Encapsulation material selection & testing
  • Prototype design & fabrication
  • Production encapsulation
  • Mold fabrication

Benefits of Potting and Encapsulation

  • low cost shells or molds
  • wide range of materials
  • low / high volumes
  • hermetic seal
  • low pressure/low temperature
  • good electrical insulating properties
  • safe for delicate components
  • withstand environmental extremes