Product Development

Subspec Subsea Product & Service Development activities are provided by a combination of fully qualified engineers, experienced project managers and underwater experts.
This combination of expertises enables Subspec to bring a unique perspective towards research and innovation in Product & Service Development to suit specific client requirements, and the oil & gas market at large, valuable and cutting-edge solutions to its major subsea challenges.
All the above is performed in compliance with the major third-party certification bodies.
The Subsea Product & Service development is performed from the concept design to manufacturing and industrialization, through different feasibility studies and various intense and accurate 3D Modeling and Prototyping (using the most innovative and technical solutions).

Since its founding, Subspec has successfully developed several Susbsea Products and Services which include:

  • Encapsulation/Moulding/Over-moulding
  • Services (e.g. PCB/Electrical Boards, Subsea Connectors, Subsea Cables, etc);
  • Personal breathing systems (e.g. BIBS Mask)
  • DDC/Bell electrical and signal penetrators
  • ROV Power connectors and harnesses
  • Underwater cameras and lights.