An exceptional combination of engineering expertise is at the forefront of Prototyping to bring unique perspectives and innovation in the development of high-tech solutions in the offshore, marine and underwater engineering industry - with specific application in the oil & gas sector.
Due to its extensive experience, knowledge and unique set of prototyping equipment, Subspec can autonomously process, assemble, manufacture and test both prototypes (one-offs) and pilot runs (first trial series). All is done in-house within short lead-times from the engineering phase right through to the final test phase.
Dedicated prototyping support every step of the way based on:

  • Concept design
  • Feasibilities studies
  • In-house 3D modelling & prototyping
  • Manufacturing of pilot series
  • Industrialisation of mass production
  • Approval from 3rd party certification body (RINA, ABS, Lloyds, DNV, etc).

State of the art prototyping equipment includes:

  • Vacuum casting system (for rubber, silicon and plastic components)
  • Vertical moulding design machine
  • Modern CNC machine
  • 3D printers (various volumes)
  • 3D scanners
  • Laser welding system
  • Laser engraving system

Quality assurance through in-house testing of prototyping activities. Subspec testing equipment includes:

  • Breathing machine (simulates up to 510 msw operational depth)
  • Self-designed and manufactured containerised test pool.